Uncle Jim

Uncle Jim came to visit on Saturday and, though it was a quick trip, it was so nice to see him here in Korea. It was kind of odd at first that he was here; I mean we always see him in sunny California or back home at Christmas. He road the subway down from Seoul for the day where he’s working for a few days. We all went to the squadron kid’s christmas party, which was fun. We got to see Santa arrive in his A-10, and then Zoe got to sit on his lap and open a present. She got a book! Well, I just re-wrapped one mom had sent for her to open early. She had only seen it for a week before. In the evening we went out to eat, and found a great local korean restaurant that we will definitely go to again. The food was great, and it’s so fun to sit on the heated floor to cook your own food. Another bonus: they have a big fake fish tank that Zoe loved! Sunday was pretty lazy. We mostly stayed in except to take Uncle Jim back to the train and run some quick errands. It was bitter cold the whole weekend, so we didn’t get out much. It was deciving, though, as it was super-sunny and nice.

Zoe has been waking a bunch at night again, as well. I guess she’s still just not comfortable staying in her bedroom. She isn’t fussy about it anymore, but will just walk into our room and say, “Arlo” or “mommy”. Then I tell her she needs to head back to her bed, and she does! I must go with her and get her tucked in, but she doesn’t fuss about it. I do tend to have to stay with her so she can pull on my hair until she sleeps, so that is hard for me since I don’t get any sleep. But, it’s just nice she isn’t crying about it….well, unless Bryan tries to take her back to her room, then all she does is scream for “mama mama mommyyyyyy”. Sometimes she doesn’t even come into our room, either, we just hear her out playing with her toys =) it’s kind of funny, but tiring. I’m working on some ways to get her to stop thinking my hair is her lovey; then we’ll work on getting Bryan back into first place for bedtime. In Tucson, that was his time with her and she loved it.

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