I had nothing interesting to title today other than, simply, Tuesday. Last night Bryan successfully put Zoe to sleep with the help of the hairy dog…if you haven’t seen this check out the newest pictures! She awoke twice, and I got her back to sleep with the dog. I had a beanie hat on my head covering ALL my hair, so the dog was the only option for hair pulling. It worked in the sense that she wasn’t pulling my hair, but I still had to return her to bed instead of Bryan. I’m happy with the progress! He’s currently trying to get her to sleep, and so far there has been no crying.

Today was nice and sunny out. The weather is back in the 50’s. We ran some errands, got some craft stuff at the BX, walked Arlo, and then Zoe took a 2 hour nap. Bryan and I agreed that she should no longer nap past 3pm…so I woke her up around 3:10. Waking a sleeping kid is about the toughest thing to do; you just know what you’re in for and the past couple hours of silence have been so nice. During her nap I got my resume all ready to go. Tomorrow I’m taking it into the colleges who have branch campuses on base; I’m hoping to teach a class next semester. Anyway, after her ‘groggy’ period we did some Christmas decoration making! She colored on a bunch of red and green construciton paper which I cut into strips and then she helped me staple it all together into a chain. She loved stapling; we have a fancy spring-loaded stapler that doesn’t take much effort to squeeze. We then made snowflakes; well I folded and cut them and she smeared glitter glue all over them. It was quite the mess, but we had a good time. They are hanging near her bedroom.

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