Sleeping & Flower Market

So, Zoe has been sleeping better, and allowing Bryan to get her to sleep some nights. She has had a few nights when she slept the whole night, but she usually wakes up at least once. I just walk her back and sometimes have to stay with her and other times I can just plop her in bed and get back to my own. It’s getting better.

So, our exciting trip this week was to the Seoul flower market yesterday. Our day started out crappy filling out paperwork for my sister to visit (which I’m excited about regardless of the paperwork=). So I felt like having breakfast for lunch. We stopped by Checkertails and I got french toast and the osan special – two eggs, a meat, and 3 pancakes. We took the cakes to go, but zoe helped me polisth off the rest. Anyway, by the time I walked all the way to Bryan’s squadron to get the car it was 1. I have been wanting to check out the flower market for a while and figured, what the heck? So we went. It only took an hour to get there as it’s on the very south side of Seoul. It was neato; mostly just poinsetta’s and orchids this time of year. We got a Christmas cactus and came home. Zoe enjoyed looking at all the plants, and really liked the vendors selling fountains. We were home by 4; quick trip. Now that I know where it is I’ll definitely be back in the spring when they’ve got a big selection. I’ll add pictures to the December 2008 Out and About album.

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