Yippee! Bethany is here. Zoe and I took the Songtan Express bus to pick her up this morning. Her flight was delayed an hour, plus we got there and hour early, AND she took an hour to get through immigration and customs. So, Zoe and I know Incheon Airport in and out. They actually have a really neato garden called the stargarden out in this giant dome area.

Anyway, we are so excited to have her here!!!

We rode home via the express bus again, which is just a great way to go. Then we met up with Bryan at Chili’s on base to have some dinner. After that we hit up the BX for some wrapping paper for Bethany. When she finally got to see our place her first expression was, “wow this is your place in Korea”…and sometime soon after …”it looks so much bigger on the video”. I though that was pretty funny =) She’s crashed out in the sewing room, I just got Zuzz to sleep, and Bryan went to bed about an hour before that. He was up at 4 this morning to go to work.

Tomorrow we’re off to the DMZ, and Zoe is off to Ms. Lee.

Having Bethany here has instantly made Christmas actually FEEL like Christmas.

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