Merry Christmas!

…So it only took Bryan 2.5 hours to assemble the kitchen…we were in bed around midnight.

This morning was so fun! Thank you all for the gifts. We were able to webcam with both my family and Bryans family all morning. Sometimes we used audio and sometimes it was just silent gift-opening, but I hope it was fun nonetheless. We also really enjoyed watching our fam’s open their gifts from us…that is the most fun part of Christmas.

Zoe had a lot of fun opening all her gifts and wanted to play with each as it was opened. So, that made it all quite fun, though our tiny living room quickly FILLED with wrap and boxes. We saved the kitchen for last, and she never even bothered to notice that there was a giant white sheet in the living room until we brought it to her attention. It was super-fun to have Bethany here, too, so we did the whole one-at-a-time deal and enjoyed seeing everyone open gifts.

We finished up a few Zoe gifts from us after lunch and then all promptly took a long nap.

This evening we walked around Songtan for a bit, though it was bitter cold. And then went to eat at the Bulgogi restaurant we found with uncle jim; very enjoyable.

Merry Christmas to everyone…I need to go to bed, but I’m sure all our stateside friends and family are just now waking up and digging in!

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