Roadtripping around Songtan

So, we just can’t sit still even after a worldwind visit by Bethany and even in super-cold weather. We decided on Friday to try finding ‘The Gold Buddha Head’ that Bryan sees while flying. When we came home from the inchon jjimjilbang the other day we thought we were close, so we loaded up Zoe into the car at naptime and took off. We found it! The Wawoo temple! After that we found the back route to a new climbing spot (once it warms up), and drove the long way home. It was fun. Saturday Bryan had to work, but yesterday we took off again. This time, in search of some new hot springs…now that I’ve realized how cheap these spa/hot spring/jjimjilbangs are I think I’m addicted. Well, a town about a half hour away has 5 different hot spring spas, so after much searching we found one. These are in an area not heavily populated with English speakers, so the signage was tough. I used all two ounces of my Korean-reading ability to read all the signs looking for 온천 (oncheon) and actually spotted it! So, it was only $5 to get in and Zoe and I had fun. This one didn’t have a jjimjilbang which Bryan was looking forward too, so he just chilled out and read his new book from bethany while Zoe and I bathed. I guess some of the bathhouses (they call them spas) have the jjimjilbang (the heated unisex sauna area) and others don’t. We’ll have to keep that in mind as we tour around. After that we headed toward the coast, saw some islands, and walked on the ‘Miracle of Moses’. It’s a place on the coast when the tide is out the mud flat forms a dry path from the mainland to an island…neat, but very cold out. We were looking for some sushi, but couldn’t find it. Oh well, another weekend succesfully used exploring.

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