Zoe update

So, I realized I haven’t filled everyone in on new Zoe phenomenon recently. She is now wearing panties around the house, and informs me no matter where we are when she has peed or poo’d by saying ‘pee’. It’s always AS she’s going, so I grab the potty and she says ‘potty’ and she sits on it afterward. So, we’re getting somewhere with the potty training.

She is also super clingy to mommy right now, but at the same time is very independent. She will only tolerate being in the stroller IF it is moving, otherwise she hops right out. She much prefers to walk and especially on anything abnormal like the curb, the sewer cover, grates, rocks , trash, etc… It’s pretty funny.

When we feed her she will say ‘hot’ and then blow on the food. And, she is pretend eating with her kitchen set. She’ll say ‘yum’ when she pretends to eat and smacks her lips. She is also trying to use a regular cup; she enjoys it but sends to take in too much and then spit.

The big fun news, though, is that.Zoe has really gotten into copying words lately. She’s learning lots of new ones each day. Some of her favorites to repeat are…up, map, please, ms lee, snack, moo, baby, doggy, eye, hot, tree, book, bath, down, water, car, and bus. Arlo, mommy, and no are perennial favorites

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