Got the key

So we’re on our way to the new apartment…except that they weren’t done cleaning and remodeling this evening at 7:45 when I drove by. I had the car loaded with a ‘mini-load’ of things and Zoe, but the lights were all on and when I walked up to the door I could hear people inside. I guess they were going to put up some new wallpaper (God, I hope it’s just white like it was before and not teal like our current place) and clean. I’m all excited to go. After I got Zoe to sleep I squashed some more things into the car and packed up a bunch of junk here inside. Bryan is working late, so I got alot done. Tomorrow morning he’s borrowing someones truck so we can move the mattress, Zoe’s kitchen set, and the microwave stand….after that its just trips in the car! It’s a good thing we were only allowed to bring 1000 pounds with us.

Zoe spent the day at the CDC today while I attended a breifing for new incoming spouses. It was informative, but LONG; death by breifings. Fun to hang out with some other lady’s for the day, though. I guess Zoe did great! She really enjoys playing with other kids; I’m excited for her to start Korean preschool in March. I think she will really have a lot of fun.

OH, and we think we may see a back tooth coming in!

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