Moved in

So, we’re moved in all the way, and I believe everything is put away to a new home somewhere here in the new apartment. It’s great. Had to buy Zoe a curtain rod and needed a clock, but otherwise the place is super well stocked. It came furnished, so it has two beds, wardrobes in each of the 3 bedrooms, a nightstand, a couch, a desk, 2 bookshelves, a kitchen table with 4 chairs, and 2 coffee table/cabinet things; almost the same amount of stuff we had at the old place. I guess this same apartment has been passed from Draggin to Draggin for a long while now so it’s quite full of interesting other things previous folks have left behind. My favorite is the lovely maroon lazy boy chair. SOOOOOO much more comfortable than our orange plether couches were. Also left here at the apartment is a Christmas tree, weird little vaccum, 2 big fans, a cooler, a microwave, a toaster oven, lots of trashcans, a blender, a george foreman, a rice maker, curtains that don’t quite fit the entire length of the window, a grill out on the balcony, a water dispenser, and numerous plates and silverware! Very well stocked and exciting. I definitely do not feel like this is ‘roughing it’ or doing without in any sense; we have every convenience we did back in the states even without bringing most of our own stuff. We’ll have to see what neato thing we end up leaving behind for the next folks. So much for trying to live simply for a year! There is a big TV here as well but we didn’t get the Korean cable turned on, instead the TV is stashed in my sewing room facing the wall for the year. I’m glad for that; at first I was a bit bummed the new apartment didn’t come with an AFN satellite, but now I’m glad. Originally we wanted to live without TV for a year, but when the place already had one we figured we’d use it if we could get AFN so I got kind of excited about it. But there is no dish, and I’m not going to spend the $100 to get an AFN dish when we originally wanted no TV. GOOD…I’m back to being happy without it for a year.

We’ll do a new tour video tomorrow!

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