whew! this week is over. Bryan went to bed early tonight since he’s been up since 2:30; the exercise is done. It was such a rough week for him at work, which translated into a rough week for us here at home. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the weather wasn’t so freaking freezing, but the super-cold meant we stayed indoors all week sans car. Zoe is getting used to that, and the new place (and new toys) help out. The week just felt long and drawn out though nothing much happend. I’m excited for Bryan to sleep in tomorrow and get back into the groove. It’s awesome that he has monday off, so we’ll be out exploring this weekend…even if it’s freezing. I guess there are some cool indoor pools, sledding hills, and aquariums we haven’t seen yet! I’m already itching to do something outside; it’s a challenge for me to think up exciting indoor activities, but I have tons of fun outdoor stuff I’d like to do while we’re here. If only it were a bit warmer…man I’m already wanting spring.

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