COEX Aquarium

Today we drove up to the Seoul COEX mall to see the aquarium. Zoe enjoyed it, but Bryan and I agreed it was way overpriced at $15 each. It was a pretty fun little aquarium, though. There is little attempt to show the fish in a natural habitat for the entire first hald; and there is a whole section devoted to the opposite. There are fishtanks made out of toilets, refrigerators, phone booths, TVs, washing machines, and all kinds of other stuff. Zoe thought that was pretty funny; it is a very kid freindly place. The kid area had an octopus whose tentacles suctioned at your hand which Zoe squealed at. She also kept yelling ‘water’ at everything. I think she wanted to swim with the fish. The other thing that was crazy was that the fish are mostly in open-topped tanks so you can (though signs tell you not too) stick your hands right in with the fish or rays or sharks. I do appreciate the “..well if your dumb enough to do that…” attitude. In the US the aquarium would seal everything off for fear of a lawsuit. They have a bunch of nice rays and sharks and gorgeous tropical fish in smallish tanks so you can actually see them all. They also had monkeys, bats, and penquins. Anyway it was fun, but not worth the cash…I would be willing to pay $8 to see it. It’s in a big mall which is also not something Bryan or I or Zoe really dig too much. We walked around and got some lunch, spent a while in the bookstore while Zoe napped, and then walked across the street to the Beongjuesa temple to check it out. The weather was pretty cold, but not with the biting wind so a half hour at the temple was worth it. They had a huge buddha statue and a room with thousands of tiny gold buddhas. Neat. The traffic on the way home was not neat neither was our shocking $17 parking fee (which included a validation for 1/2 of 3 hours from the aquarium). Oh well, it was an attempt at something indoors that was not just shopping…at least we got away from Songtan. Shopping seems to be the Korean’s biggest winter pasttime, and I really just hate shopping.


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