Well, we had fun today in a town called Daejeon. It’s about an hour and a half south of us and is a really nice place; I’m sure we’ll be back to visit some other sites later. It prides itself in being Korea’s science center, so we went to the national science museum. It was really fun and had alot of nice stuff for kids to play with; bonus that it was 70 cents to get in! We also stopped at a store called Home Plus to go to the food court for lunch (these stores are all over the place), and they were having a sale on kids Hanbok. So, Zoe got a new hanbok, or traditional Korean outfit, for the Lunar New Year coming up. Neato! They also had a great camera on sale so we got a new one…now we each have a nice camera, so no more losing camera’s. Anyway, Daejeon is great. Our final stop was the hot springs! Yep, it’s a science town with spa’s and hot springs. In the center of the hot spring region is a great park where you can dip your feet, so it was getting dark and chilly but we were warm with our feet in the spring. Daejeon is such a nice town; easy to navigate, right off the freeway, near a bunch of mountains and parks, cheap, and traffic free. We have ideas to go back sometime for some more hiking and to check out the zoo and other museums!

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