Selling and Sledding

I made my first sale on my website today!! Yippee. And actually, I made 3. Yep; 3 purses are sold! So, Grandma expressed interest in getting one for Kathleen last week, but waited til this weekend to see what Kathleen preferred. In the mean time, I had a potential customer send a message through the Esty website asking if I could mail to Canada. I figured out how much shipping was, set it up, and tada my first purse is heading off to Ontario. Within hours I had a second sale, too! And, of all the funny things, to Canada again…this time Manitoba. So, Effie finally was trying to order and her purse had been sold. Not to worry, though, I had another one ready to go and just needed to cut out the same color lining for it. So, tomorrow I’ll be mailing THREE purses! yippee. Now, I just have to get sewing so I have something to sell at the craft fair on the 31st.

After reading my email and getting all that exciting news this morning, we drove up to Everland again. Some friends, who are moving, gave us their season passes to use until they expire in April. We really appreciate that! So, who goes to an amusement park in the winter? Koreans! It was actually not super cold out today when the sun was shining. We went specifically for the sledding hill, but wound up staying quite a while at the indoor African animal zoo, the safari bus, and to ride some rides. Zoe loved sledding. She kept saying ‘sed more’ over and over at the end of a run. It was great. She also enjoyed all the animals, a spinning pirate ride and the perennial favorite “flash pang pang” (those little chairs that go up and down). It was a fun day that we rounded out by going back to the big gold buddha head for some pictures!

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