So we just got back from the vet. Arlo had a seizure; he seems fine now, but I’m to watch him for another. If that happens he needs to go in right away and stay for a bit. The vet here is great! I couldn’t believe the base had an on-call vet, but she met me at 8pm with her tech and looked him over.

Zoe and I were reading and he started backing into my leg in a wierd way then his back legs just gave out; I thought he was being odd and tried to push him away. It was obvious very quickly that he couldn’t use his back legs. I picked him up onto the couch and then his whole body got stiff and he was just so odd for a while. That’s when I called; the tech had to call the vet and call me back. Arlo then started to just shiver and froth and drool and then he was just so limp; his eyes looked like he was scared but also just lost. I just laid there and hugged him. Soon they called and said they’d meet me in 20 minutes, so I got zoe bundled. I carried Arlo down 2 flights to the car (you all know Arlo would never usually let me pick him up), and came back up for Zuzz who was freaking out. We drove to the vet and Arlo miraculously jumped out of the car and started to run around; good thing I grabbed the leash at the last minute. I couldn’t believe it and felt foolish when the vet arrived to a perfectly healthy dog. She said it was good he was in. They gave him a once-over and drew blood. She told me sometimes it just happens, but its good to come in and get it on his record if it ever happens again. Scary…I truly thought he was poisoned and dying the way he acted. He seems OK now. I love Arlo and don’t know how I’d react if he was gone.

Another quick response at base today: I stupidly locked my keys in the car on the way to the library. Got there and called the auto hobby shop who met me at the car in the amount of time it took me to checkout and walk across the street. So quick and nice. Sometimes I feel as though being a mom is taking away my sharp mind.

pray for Arlo.

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