Arlo update: he is doing fine and behaving normally except for being a bit tired. No more seizures; hopefully it was a one time only thing. Maybe he licked something odd from the balcony. There was some frozen moisture out there when we moved in; I don’t know what they used to clean up, but it’s possible it was still frozen to the balcony. That’s a stretch since we chipped all the ice off, but you never know where standing water may have been stuck frozen and it did just warm up to thaw the last couple days. Anyway, he’s doing great.

Well, Mrs. Lee and her fam loved my lasagna. We had them over for dinner tonight. I made butternut squash soup, vegetable lasagna, spinach gnocci, ceasar salad, a cheese tray, and brownies. Mrs. Lee loved it all, Mr. Kim had two servings of lasagne, Minji and Myoungsu really liked the brownies. Zoe went to Mrs. Lee this morning as usual, but then stayed all day. She insisted that I needed time without Zoe to prepare for our dinner party, so Myoungsu watched Zoe in the afternoon. It was so nice to have an entire day! I spent most of it getting dinner prepared and cleaning the house, but did finish a purse and cut 4 more. It was fun to have them over. We had dinner, then played with Zoe for a while. We talked a lot about stuff we had visited and she was telling us all about lunar new year which is neat. They wanted to see Zoe’s new hanbok, and really thought Zoe’s pull-mousey, moose rocker, and kitchen set were amazing. Mrs. Lee wanted details on cooking and the recipes, and then wanted to see wedding pictures…she had mentioned this once before. We made tea and coffee, had brownies, and they brought a cake. It was Mrs. Lee’s birthday today! We did candles and sang happy birthday. It was fun, and I think they had a good time. Zoe has learned to say “ms E”, “mimi” (for Minji) ,” shoo” (for Myoungsu), and “ms im” (for mr. Kim); she especially likes to play with Minji and says mimi alot. It’s so nice to have a Korean friend who I can ask anything; I’ve learned to phrase things in such a way that she doesn’t feel obliged to help me, though. She is so giving and hands-on helpful I have to make sure not to let questions sound like requests. What a nice evening.

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