Zoe poo poo-ed on the potty today without my prompting or timing! We were picking up toys for bedtime and she pointing at the front of her diaper area and said ‘poo poo’. So I grabbed her little potty quickly, and pulled down her pants and diap. She sat down and, POOP! She stayed for a while reading a book, then wiped, then I wiped, and we tossed the poo into the toilet. We then washed hands…this was all accompanied by a lot of giggles and cheering. yeah, poo poo on the potty.

I remember back last spring and summer she was going alot on the potty, but it was all because I timed it. I thought all that was lost between there and Pennsylvania and Korea, but maybe she can hop back on the potty train after a few months of vacation. I’m really trying to be super consistent now…even having her try when we’re out in public. She really enjoys saying ‘poo’ and ‘pee’ and ‘potty’, and she loves the whole act…it’s just such a big step to NOTICE ahead of time that her body is ready to go!

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