Thank God this week is over. Bryan has been working 18 hour days to get a big presentation / test completed and I’ve been using every spare minute to sew bags for the craft fair tomorrow. Zoe hasn’t been too cooperative by refusing to take naps. She hasn’t been bad at all, I just counted on at least an hour each day to sew and never got it. So, everyday this week I went to bed when Bryan got home at midnight since that was the only time I had to sew. We are both exhausted. I have 20 bags ready to sell. All but one are on my website in case anyone wants to pay with a credit card. They have computers at the community center so people can order right there. I’m excited, but I’m not super gung-ho since I haven’t seen too much advertisement for this sale. We’ll just see how it goes! The rest of the weekend will be spent chilling out and going to another jjimjilbang. Zoe and I went to one here in town on Thursday and had a blast; I met a nice lady who spoke great English who told me of another thats even closer! Zoe loves the bathhouse and all the hot tubs and shower heads. Bryan doesn’t like the bathhouse (other naked men), but loves the sauna…it’s the unisex portion where people wear shorts and shirts and lay around in differently themed rooms on heated floors. It’s great, and I can’t wait to go tomorrow after the fair. checkout all the bags on the website: www.sewkat.com!

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