This weekend went by too quickly. Bryan worked late Friday, so we all slept in a bit on Saturday and went out for brunch at a local Korea place called (of all things) Melissa’s. It was good! After that we drove south about an hour and a half to a town called Buyeo; it’s near Gongju where Zoe and I went on Wednesday. It also has an old fortress from the Baekje kingdom. We got there around 2pm and had lunch at a tiny little Korean place. We asked for bibimbap, a mixed-rice bowl that is very common, but they didn’t have it. This was a stew-house. So, the man who ran it said something to us that sounded like a question and we just nodded yes. It was great! Fish and tofu stew, kimbap rice rolls, and side dishes…our total was 10000Won which is less than 10 bucks….we were so full. At the fortress all the trails were brick lined so it made for an easy hike, which was nice sinch Zoe fell asleep while Bryan held her. She finally woke up at the temple near the end of the walk in time to drink some water from the spring coming out of a rock and get on the ferry boat. We could’ve walked all the way back, but it’s more fun to take a ferry on the river around the fortress and back to town. She loved the boat and kept yelling ‘boat’ at the other one out in the water.

Yesterday Bryan was called into work in the afternoon. It’s another exercise. He has the night shift this time; so he’s going in at 3:30 pm and getting home 12 hours later…you do the math. It made for a very short weekend for him. Luckily Zoe goes to Miss Lee on Monday mornings. I kept her up til about 10 last night so she would sleep in a bit and not wake him at dawn. It worked, so we got a quiet breakfast and rushed out. She really enjoys going to Miss Lee, and I know Miss Lee loves her. It’s going to be tough next month for Miss Lee when Zoe starts school; I think Zoe will miss her as well, but will have a ton of fun with all the other kids.

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