So, I haven’t blogged about it yet, not to jinx myself, but this whole last week Zoe has gone to sleep on her own. Bryan has been gone to work at nights, so I wanted to try this again to keep from spending so much time on bedtime. Anyway, our bedtime ritual is the same: bath/shower, brush teeth & hair, get dressed, 3 books in bed, lights out, and lay there until she’s sleeping….I know I’ve said this before. Anyway, this week before lights out time I get out of bed, give her some water and turn off the light. I then say goodnight and walk out. She hasn’t cried yet! She doesn’t always stay in bed, but won’t fuss when I simply walk her back in; and it has only taken a few times most nights. Tonight she didn’t get up at all! She has done this other random times, but never 5 nights in a row. wow. It’s just nicer to not have to take an hour and a half to get her to sleep by laying with her. I enjoy that sometimes, of course, but with Bryan gone all day and night the evening is my only alone time. If I spend the typical hour to get her to sleep, then I just fall asleep with her and then wake up and just wander over to my own bed OR it gets me all tired to lay with her and I just end up going to sleep at the same time. This last week I’ve gotten so much stuff done after she goes to bed; trip planning, laundry, sewing: it’s amazing! I can count on two hands the number of nights I’ve stayed up past 10 since she was born…this newly found evening adult time is great! Now, I just need Bryan home to take advantage of it. =)

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