Zoe is so funny lately, she’ll take just about anything and put it on her head and call it a hat. Then, when I say, “is that a hat?”, she’ll go “nooooo” and just giggle. It’s so silly. She also is learning her colors pretty well, and her default choice is always red. Her new favorite word is “Buddha”. It’s hysterical, she can pick him out anywhere…and he’s all over the place; on paintings, in statues, at the temples we visit, tapestries in restaurants. So she’s very happy she can identify Buddha all over the place.
Last night she went to Parents Night Out at the CDC on base. They do an evening childcare once a month and we got on the list this month. We all went to a squadron Hail and Farewell with Bryans work around 5, had dinner, met all the new folks, and said bye to all the outgoing folks. Then at 630 I took Zoe into base; she loved it! She just RAN into the room with all the toys and played so well with the other kids. It made me very happy, and excited about her new school in 2 weeks. Anyway, I went back by the squadron party which was finishing up and then Bryan and I had the evening to ourselves!!! Wonderful. We then had to pick her up at 1030. She was still happy and playing!

Today is her school orientation at 2pm. I really think she’ll love going; I’ll be taking her in just a couple times a week, though we pay for full-time. I did actually get a job last week – of sorts. I’m now on the substitute teacher list at the schools on base. So, if I get called to come in and sub I can have Zoe ride the bus into HER school and still be to MY school by the show-up time of 815! The schools on base have unbelievably short days: 8:30 – 2:30. It’s a wonder they actually learn anything. Anyway, then when I’m done subbing I can just pick her up. She can technically stay at her school until 5pm and ride the bus home, but that’s way too long.

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