School Orientation

Zoe’s school orientation was this afternoon. We arrived and the place was all decorated with balloons. They served a weird gelatinous nutty ‘brownie’ that tasted ok though texture was just so odd; Zoe loved it. We then sat for a good hour as the director talked about each page in the manual we were given in our packets in Korean. So that was tough. All the kiddo’s were running around while all the parents sat on the floor trying to reign them in. Zoe played with another little girl at a kitchen set for a while, but threw a couple fits when we wouldn’t let her walk up in front. Anway, after that we all broke down into our classrooms. Zoe is in the Big Rabbit class or Kune-toe-gee-ban; there are 9 kids and 3 teachers. Each teacher is assigned 3 kids, and Zoe’s teachers name is kwag-un-yong. She is young and very nice. Everyone calls Zoe…Joey…I don’t think Koreans can pronounce zzzz’s very well. In the class all the kids got their backpacks and a nice little book that is our communication tool between parents and teachers. I guess they fill it out each day to let us know what our kid’s did or if there is anything new to know for next week. It will all be in korean, so I’m going to try to find out how to type in Korean so I can just type the stuff into an online translator. We’ll see if I can figure that out. We also got the bus schedule; Zoe’s pickup time isn’t until 9am which will work out great on regular days. If I get called into school to substitute, I can just drop her off instead of having her take the bus. It will work well.

The best part of the day was discovering that 2 of the other parents in our room speak English. Grace’s mom, Sunmi, speaks English and her husband is in the Air Force; she helped us fill out forms. Next week she’ll take Zuzz and I up to Suwon to the government office; I guess Zoe (and Grace) need to get Korean ID’s. So, overall a great experience.

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