Potty Doggy

Zoe is very excited about teaching her hairy dog to go pee and poop on the potty. She will put doggy on the potty and say, “pee” then she’ll make the psssss sound. She then gives him a wipe, dumps the empty potty into the toilet and even gets him all wet in the sink. It’s hysterical and I’ve tried to get it on camera, but when she sees the camera she just starts yelling “pictures” at me. Anyway, she gets it…she knows pee and poop are to be deposited in the potty, she recognizes that feces on the floor is “yucky”, she doesn’t like to be in a dirty diaper and tells me if she has gone pee or poo in it, she does an amazing ‘practice’ run to the potty, and she’s teaching her dog to potty. She, however, is still simply going on the floor. hmmm. I’m sure the lightbulb is just getting ready to flicker on.

Her other newly honed skill is labelling Who’s is That. So, we’ll be hanging the laundry and she’ll just go on and on with “daddy shirt” “mommy pants” “z-eye shirt”, or around the house it’s “arlo bowl” “daddy phone” “mommy water” “buddha picture”. Yeah, buddha is still a favorite and has apparently become a member of the fam…anything or any picture that looks temple-ish is buddha’s. It’s quite cute; we’ve honestly tried to get her to label Jesus (she has numerous books with him, so, please mom, we don’t need any), but I think the J sound is just not in her vocab yet. He is also just not featured in statuary on every corner or up every mountain; Buddha’s a tough act to follow here in Korea. =)

Sold another purse on sewkat.com, and I have a custom order in exchange for 3 suits! Very exciting stuff.

Added some random pictures to “february 2009 – pictures at home”

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