Zoe loves the bouncey castle. There was one at the BX today; it was a special sale weekend even that we happened upon. She spent a good half hour in the bouncey castle while Bryan took care of some mail and I won a 10% off coupon. When Bryan came back I was bragging about my basketball skills that helped me to win, so he gave it a try and one-upped me! He got us a 20% off coupon…now to think of something we need. I traded in my coupon for a free ice cream, so we all enjoyed a chocolate chip cookie dough cone. This afternoon we had a great time up at the playground and on a walk up to the woods with Arlo. Bryan has been trying to get some quality time with Zoe, but she is resistant. She won’t give him hugs which is the worst, but does enjoy bedtime with him.

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