Zoe’s First Day

Well, she had a great day at school. We woke early this morning to take Bryan into work, then returned to bed for an hour. After a second breakfast she got all dressed and put on her backpack. We walked downstairs and waited for the bus; sure enough it came right at 9am! A school worker hopped out and opened her arms to grab Zoe and said “Nickola” all happily. It was funny; she then hustled Zoe into a seat as the door shut and the van wisked off. It took less than 30 seconds, so I don’t think Zoe knew what hit her. She is the last stop before school, so she has a super-short bus ride. I then picked her up at 1230 and she was having a great time in her classroom doing storytime. A lot of the other kids were off to nap, but the newbies were in storytime waiting for their early pickup. It’s supposed to help them adjust to school by only doing 3 hours for the first week and 5 for the second weeks before they actually stay all day and come home on the bus. I don’t think Zoe will ever have a reason to stay all day, but if she does she’s the first bus stop on the way home…no long bus ride. What service!

Anyway, here is what the daily schedule is for her Rabbit class:

730-930 – kids come in, backpacks away in cubbies, potty, freeplay, snack
930-1030 – Acticity Choice. toys and activities inside
1030-1120 – Outdoor & Group Time. Organized outdoor play or group time inside
1120 -1220 – Lunch. Wash hands, lunch, clean up, brush teeth
1220-1520 – Potty Time & nap
1520-1550 – Wake up & tidy room, Wash hands, Snack, potty
1550-1640 – Activity Choice – toys inside or Outdoors Playground
1640-1700 – Ready to Go – get dressed, put on backpack, board bus

Her school’s website is http://tlswkd.mypepe.com/ they have pictures and lunch menus and themed learning and field trip info…all in Korean, though. The most recent pics are from the special Lunar New Year party, so all the kids are in Hanbok….none of Zoe yet obviously. Zoe’s class is the Rabbit: 토끼반 so if you see that, it’s something about her class.

There she goes…..

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