I had my first sub job today! I was the band teacher. They have a block schedule at the high school, so there are only 4 long classes each day. Today the teacher I replaced happened to have a planning period, so I really was only there for 3 classes. Good I brought a book! As usual he just provided a video, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers of all things. It made me think of Bethany all day. The students were well behaved.

Zoe did good at school, though when I picked her up she was obviously ready to go. She started to cry for me when the teacher was taking a while putting on her coat. When I got in she was sitting at the table eating snacks with 2 other kids. There is a paragraph of stuff in her booklet I need to translate, so I’ll try that tonight though it’s really hard for me to read the teachers handwriting. I’m sure it’s quite tidy I just don’t understand Korean well enough. I may just take it to the AFRC tomorrow for miss Kim to help me with: she’s the one who helped me find the preschool.

Talked to Bryan breifly on Skype. The flight took 9 hours and 6 refuelings. He said it’s HOT and he’s hungry.

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