• Lately Zoe is really into the book Fox in Socks. She calls it ‘Socks’ I believe I have most of it memorized.
  • She has a name for each book that is based on her favorite picture inside the book. For example, we have a Kiss Kiss book about a hippo, but she calls it ‘Monkey’ because there is one page where she can find a monkey and sssssssss like a snake. another favorite is: ‘bear’ for her “I Love Daddy” book
  • Zoe loves mustard – the good kind, not yellow mustard. She loves to dip things into it…including grapes, bread, scrambled eggs, and veggie burgers
    She loves to shower and enjoys ‘rinsing’ off all her parts. She has her own little shower head on a hose and will aim the spray at her body (or mine) and name the part; ‘back, aaahhh’, ‘tootsie’, ‘mommy leg’, ‘bummbah’, “pee”, “hole-poopoo”, ‘ZuhE belly’, ‘hed’, and she even sprays down the ‘pawty’…it’s great.
  • After showering we MUST put on cocoa butter which she enjoys doing to herself and to me.
  • Zoe always wants to be ‘uhh-sigh’ – outside. or at the very least pointing to things that are outside, like the ferile cats and dogs.
  • She has begun to get frustrated and scream when something isn’t working, but she’ll often start screaming ‘Hep Hep’ ‘peas peas’….for help please. So, she’s just screaming politeness.
  • She LOVES to play farm and is unbelievable at memorizing animals. I think her current favorite is ‘muhky’-monkey.
  • Zoe can count to 3. I’m pretty impressed. While reading any books, if I ask her to count something on the page she points utterly randomly but says, ‘wuh, too, free’
  • She is learning her letters. I do a Letter-theme days once a week or so when we learn about a particular letter, draw it, color it, put star stickers on a cutout, listen to a letter song, pick out the letter from flash cards and blocks, and watch a letter music video (yes I’m allowing her to watch a video called Alphabet Animals in small chunks). So far we are only up to G, but she can really only identify A, C, and P. I think she knows P from her Suess ABC book…it plays a major role.
  • Zoe loves the playground and the slide and insists that we take an ‘Arlo wok’ daily since she knows its to the playground.
    Everytime we go to the BX we MUST stop and see the fish tanks and she always says ‘MMMMMM’ as we pass Baskin Robbins.
  • She is obsessed with water. She’ll get on her stool and play in the bathroom sink forever…cleaning her farm animals, or she’ll get her kitchen cups and pots all full with water from the bottled water tank.
  • Her current favorite instrument is the triangle, but she does enjoy removing the xylophone bars from the base and banging maraca’s together.
  • She knows the color green, but every other color is apparently ‘orsh’…orange
  • Zoe is very active, so her moose rocker and wheely bee have been very well used this winter.
  • She can say ‘daddy’s aten’ and has started to discriminate it from the other planes.
  • Lately she’s been very conscious of things being ‘hot’ or ‘ship’ (sharp).
  • She is still really into hair. Hairy dog has relieved me of needing to be in bed with her to fall asleep, but she still holds my hair throughout the day and whines ‘Hay-uh’ when she needs comforting. She loves to ‘buh-sh’ my hair and Arlo, too.
  • Zoe is very helpful when asked and really likes helping to hang laundry or show off that she knows how to put away a particular toy.
  • Her absolute favorite food is rice. She is basically living off the stuff. I need to keep a container of cooked rice in the frig at all times since she requests it for snack, lunch, and dinner. She screams ‘rice’ when we go out to eat or as soon as she realizes I’m starting to get a meal together. She’ll eat it hot or cold and sometimes dips it in mustard. She can pack away as much rice as I eat in a sitting, and also eats the other foods we’re having with our meal.
  • She likes lima beans, alot. She kept picking them out of the mixed veggies so I bought a bag full of just frozen lima’s….yuck.
  • Finally, Zoe is just fun to be around.

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