Rain at Everland

After I picked up Zoe at school we drove up to Everland. The weather was supposed to be overcast but warm…tomorrow it’s meant to rain. However, it started sprinkling as soon as we arrived. It was still warmish out, though, so we visited all the indoor and partly indoor animal exhibits which Zoe loves anyway. Today she really enjoyed some newly hatched chickens and the giant stork. We also saw the sea lion show which was entertaining though I couldn’t quite follow the plot. Zoe was quite concerned with a flock of ducks that went through a door early in the show and kept saying “ducks in” the whole time. Right at the end the door opened up again and out they came, much to her relief. When we exited the show the rain was downpouring. So, we hiked back up the hill to go out, but on the way I noticed a giant “we celebrate pre-spring” sign. It turned out to be an interesting indoor flower garden complete with giant plastic mushrooms but real tulips. Very colorful and Korean. We ended up in there for a super long time since Zoe loved it and this group of high school girls obsessed over taking Zuzz’s picture. It was a fun, though short, trip.

I also got myself a new bike this morning while Zoe was at school. I’ve had my eye on one of these cruisers for a while, but now that the exchange rate is so good I just had to get it. It ended up being only $109!

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