Wow, all of sudden this morning I woke up feeling like shit…sorry, but that is just how I feel. I was vomitting and needing to ‘visit the toilet quickly’ if you know what I mean. I couldn’t keep down a piece of bread. Then I started to get crazy achey all over with a big headache. I had to just lay down so I laid on the couch while Zoe played or brought me books to read. It’s tough to be sick with an active liitle kiddo who wants you to be up and around. Anyway, she took a 1 hour nap so I did too. That helped a bit so I was able to eat some ramen. I’m trying to drink water, but even that makes me nauseous. The throwing up has gone away, but now it’s night and I’m still sooooo achey all over and have this huge headache. It’s like I have the flu, but no cold symptoms. Man, I almost blacked out a few times today too, standing up to fast. Anyway, I’m off to bed. Hopefully this will be gone tomorrow, otherwise I’m going into the clinic. I would’ve gone today had I known it was going to get worse and last all day; I just thought it was something I ate and would pass. We’ll see.

I feel bad for Zoe because it was a gorgeous day today, and we could’ve done something fun outside. I also couldn’t stomach making any food so the poor thing ate leftover white rice and heated frozen veggies for lunch and dinner. She seemed OK with it, but definitely wanted out.

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