much better

OK, so yesterday I felt much better and today I feel great. It must’ve just been something I ate. Zoe went to school the last two days and cried on the bus enroute, but was apparently great at school. Her teacher wrote nice notes in her notebook (that I had translated) about how well she plays with the other kids and likes the books. Today I sent her with hairy doggy since she was not very excited to go. When I went to pick her up she was outside playing and her teacher was lugging around hairy dog. It was funny. I wonder what they thought of it; I”m going to attempt to leave doggy at home for the next week.

We are packed and ready for our trip to Japan. So tomorrow we’re on our way to Tokyo! We’ll stay there tomorrow night, then we’ll take a bus to the Fuji Lakes area for the day and an overnight where I’m hoping the mountain isn’t clouded over. Right now the weather doesn’t look so hot. After that it’s back to the Asakusa neighborhood in Tokyo. Then off on a train for another day and overnight in a town called Nikko for some temples, shrines, and old stuff. We’ll return in the morning back to Tokyo for a day in Shinjuku and Shibuya…the bustling parts of Tokyo. After our last night I’ll try to brave the early morning fish market (we’ll see) and then we return in the evening to Seoul. Should be a fun whirlwind trip, just the girls! I’ve got our hostels booked, but otherwise it’s actually a pretty flexi trip. I should be able to access a computer in each hostel…it is Japan where all the electronics are created…so I can hopefully update the blog!

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