Japan Trip Day 1

This morning we dropped off Arlo at a friends house and then booked it over to the bus station. Zoe enjoyed the bus ride to the airport and we both fell asleep. Our flight went very smoothly. We even got our own entire row of 5 seats! So we spread out and napped again for the short 1.5 hours. Getting through immigration and customs was very fast, but our backpack took a while to come through the luggage. After that we visited the tourist info counter to figure out how to get on the train to our hotel. We:re staying at the Sakura Hotel in Jimbocho in one of the dorm rooms. It:s quite nice with only 2 bunks and no one else checked in so far. As soon as I dropped our junk on our bed we walked down to the Imperial Palace. It was getting dark though, so we didn:t spend too long. I just wanted to see it and the moat and take a few pictures.

So far my impression of Tokyo is that I feel like I:m in the US except for all the Japanese people. It:s very much like an American city. On the train into Tokyo we passed through some rural areas and it looked just like Korea. The big differences between here and Korea are that here it is very tidy and clean. It also doesn:t have a sewer smell. Tomorrow Zuzz and I are off to Fuji!

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