Japan Trip Day 3

So this morning we slept in a bit at our hotel in Fuji. I slept pretty well on the floor; the futon is quite comfortable. The pillow, on the other hand were like buckwheat or rice or something not super comfortable. Zoe did good, though she pulled my hair all night. After we checked out we walked around Kawaguchiko for about an hour. Yesterday was certainly THE day to be here for the beautiful weather; today it:s overcast and windy. There is definitely a lack of souvenire shops here. It:s like all the Japanese by for souv:s is speciality foods…fancy little things in boxes or special bags. Our bus ride back to Tokyo was uneventful AND we had the seat to ourselves for the first hour until an old man joined the ride for a bit. After Getting into Tokyo we took the subway to Asakusa so I could buy our tickets for the Nikko train tomorrow. The walk from there to our hotel was a bit long, but not too bad. I dropped the backpack and then we walked around Asakusa….it:s an older neat neighborhood. We walked along a very cool shop area and visited the famous temple and shrine. It:s interesting visited the famous temple and shrine. It:s interesting that the temples here are more of tourist sites than they are for worship. It:s also interesting that they merge Buddhist temples with Shinto shrines. Anyway, it was pretty cool. We did our fortune by rattling a box until a numbered stick came out then matching the stick to a drawer containing a fortune. We then tied it to a stand. Fun. There was a nice garden attached. It didn:t take us as long as I thought to go through the area so we went back to the hotel and checked in. We stayed in a guesthouse called the Taito Ryokan; a very old traditional Japanese home that survived many wars. It was nice though our room lacked a real window and we could hear other guests chatting beside us…not too late thank goodness. After that we took the subway to Ginza; the area of Tokyo I definitely don:t belong too. It:s the fancy `5th ave` section of town. We had to visit a Japanese department store, though, where we saw thousand dollar dogs and cats for sale. Ate dinner in the basement food vendor area. We then visited one of Tokyo:s big toy stores. It was neat, but really not that huge. Finally we got some pictures of the lights and nightlife in the fancy part of town before subwaying back to Asakusa where we belong. It:s certainly the part of town that seems like it would be our style.

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