Japan Trip Day 5

Well today felt very busy; being in the city always drains me even if I don’t accomplish much. This morning we woke to a beautiful clear day; slept in until 8ish! Last night was the best night’s sleep yet. Ate some breakfast that we had bought at a grocery store the day before and then got a ride to the train station from the guesthouse manager. The train ride was nice; the scenery was great since it wasn’t raining. In fact we could see a faint Fuji in the distance as we neared Tokyo. Zoe was as good as can be expected and was ready to be off when we arrived. She is hysterical some times and will just out of the blue say, “miss Arlo” or “miss daddy”. We then took the subway to our hostel for the night – The Ace Inn – and got some lunch. After that we again boarded the subway to the Shibuya area where we visited the Tokyo Children’s Hall. It’s a great free kid’s activity center; there are playgrounds and crafts areas and other family activities spread over 5 floors! The reason we went today, though, was for a free kids theater show of ‘The Magic Violin’. It was a full hour and a half with an intermission, but well done enough to keep the kids’ attention…even Zoe. She loved the animals toward the beginnig and kept asking for them to re-appear. Afterwards we spent a few hours in the activities; especially the indoor playground, train toys, and flower crafts! Once she was done we walked over to the famous Shibuya intersection where thousands of people throng across the road; it was crazy. I’m not sure where everyone is coming or going too or if they are all just there to be there? Whatever. It was then off to the Yoyogi park and Meiji shrine. Enroute we passed through the crazy punk-rock kids hangout, but Zuzz had fallen asleep on me so she missed out on the neat costumes. The Meiji shrine was neat enough, but the park it’s in is the best part of visiting. The trees are huge and so old…it makes a deep dark forest right in the city. She did wake up for the shrine and enjoyed walking in the woods where she could kick all the rocks. Our final stop for the evening was the Tokyo Metropolitan Governmen Building where we road up to the top floor for the view. So we watched the sun set over Tokyo and saw all the lights come on. Then, two exhausted girls took the train back to our hostel…via a grocery store for some ramen. We heated it up here in the common room and chilled out watching some TV. Our hostel here is nice; it’s like a capsule hotel. We have our own little wooden compartment with a curtain to pull back over the foot area. It has a little lamp, too. There are a bunch of Australians staying here, so we hung out with them upstairs in the common room for a while. It’s fun hearing what others have done during their visits. Now Zoe is running around the computer area playing with a mini traffic cone and an umbrella; she’s also checking out all the brochures. I think we’ll hit up the shower and then go to bed. I’m beat; something about being so anonymous in such a fast pased place seems to drain me.

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