Home Sweet Home

We’ve gotten back into our routine here at home. Zoe went to school yesterday and today, and did great! She whined to get on the bus yesterday, but put up a good front today. I think she really has a lot of fun there. I got here booklet comments translated and her teacher, Miss Kwak, is surprised at how happy she is even though she’s only there a couple times a week.

I did a ton of laundry the last couple days and cleaned up the house. It’s gotten warm outside, so I’m cleaning and putting away our duvets and heavy bedding. So nice to have spring on it’s way. I also went into base to practice Crud with the squadron ladies. We are playing in a tournament tomorrow night! It should be a lot of fun. Zoe is going to the monthly ‘Parents Night Out’ at the CDC on base. She did great last month, so I’m sure she’ll enjoy it again. She seems to like playing at new places designed just for kids. Like, at Emart there is a big indoor playgrounnd / gym /ball pit area that she loves. It’s nice because it is staffed by Emart employees, so you just drop off your kiddo to play and head out to shop. It only costs W4000…total, not per hour! That’s like $3. And they call if there is an issue. Last time I took her she got tired and started to cry so they called and one other time her diaper leaked so they called. It’s great! I believe we’ll go tomorrow.

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