Everland and Crud

Yesterday was GORGEOUS outside! High 60’s and just super sunny. So, I decided that Zoe and I should go to Everland with our passes, since a weekday would be less crowded. We had a blast. I asked her if she wanted to see animals or do rides first, and she elected animals. It seemed like they were all out and about, too. Especially the crazy tamarins and the baby animal section. We rode the safari bus to look at the lions, tigers, and bears (oh my), and even happened upon the bird show which was amazing. The bird ampitheater is at the base of the hill and they have all the birds swoop down the hill into it. The highlights were the eagles and then the giant chicken/turkey/peacock finale where about a hundred poultry swooped down onto the ampitheater. After some lunch we hit up the rides and found a few new kiddy rides tucked away on a hill we’d not been on. She LOVED the dragon roller coaster and airplanes that go up and down like dumbo, but you can also make them rotate. When we on each of these multiple times, plus a bunch of others. She got so excited about rides and would run over to them like a big kid! We rounded out the day with the parade at 2:30 and a final ‘ride’ on a helicopter that glides along a track raised high on the hill…that you have the PEDAL around.
We also did the Korean ‘It’s a Small World’ called Global Village. The locations they chose were interesting: We toured the singing dolls through each individual European country, then Santa-claus land, and outerspace. Next, North & South America were represented by Brazil, the USA, and Mexico. Africa was bunched altogether into singing Zulu warriors, but Asia was (of course) inidivdualized into each of the major countries. It was fun and humorious. For example, Germany’s big feature was beer and the US was represented with the golden gate bridge, broadway singers, a game of football, cheerleaders, and a cowboy riding rodeo style. Hysterical what they pick. And outerspace was funny, too…it’s good they put NASA on all the spaceships. =)

In the evening Zoe went into the ‘parents night out’ at the base CDC; it’s once a month. I went and played for the 25th ladies team at a Crud tournament! We had a lot of fun; won a game, lost a game. Though it was meant to be double elimination…one team had to catch a bus home so we lost out playing them in that ‘losers game’…bummer as we could’ve then come back to win the whole thing. Fun nonetheless! One lady on our team made all our shirts out of the squadron friday shirts – cut them up and cute-ified them.

Today looks like a nice day as well. Perhaps a bike ride. Zoe is sleeping in; it’s 9AM!

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