Bryan is Home!

Bryan returned home last night from his TDY to Thailand. He was there for the last 3 weeks for ‘Cope Tiger’ exercise. His pictures are neat and he brought back some cool gifts! Beautiful slk fabric, tapestries, and a skirt for Kat; A Buddha necklace, silk purse, and dress for Zoe. Plus some other neato little things. He was very excited and surpised to see us pick him up, as he thought he was relegated to hitching a ride home. I had gotten an email saying they would be in earlier than expected – at 8:15 instead of midnight – so Zoe and I enjoyed getting to surpise him. After getting his bags and all we weren’t home until 10:30 or so; needless to say we slept in and enjoyed some family time this morning before Bryan went into work. Zoe is actually very happy to see her Daddy, and really enjoys poking at his newly grown ‘march mustache’ and picking at his sunburned peeling nose.

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