Seoul Grand Park

We all had a wonderful time yesterday at the zoo at Seoul Grand Park; it’s huge!! The drive up took a while as we sat in traffic for too long. That’s what we get, though, for driving on the freeway during the weekend. Anyway, it was a beautiful sunny warmish day and the park was just crowded enough to be fun. As always, Zoe enjoyed the animals; especially the ‘nursery’ of baby animals, the monkeys, and the giraffes (of all things). The zoo is super-cheap at W3000 (or $2.25) so we paid an extra W2000 to watch the dolphin show. The show wasn’t a super-cheasy story plot like the others Zoe and I have seen. It was actually very informative, in Korean. Hence, Zoe got a bit antsy and it didn’t keep her attention quite enough. We were right down front, though, so it helped that she could see the dolphins swimming! The sea lions were actually a bit more entertaining since they are outside of the water. She really likes to see them and always says, ‘daddy sound’ since Bryan is the one who can make a sea lion sound the best. The other highlight of the Park was the botanical gardens. It is currently Orchid Festival time, so the greenhouse is just packed with orchids, rare and beautiful. It was really neat! We stopped at the HomePlus (like Emart) north of Osan on the way back home to grab some dinner in the food court and checkout any deals. We only left with a refill of ‘sticks’. I’m not sure what they actually are called, but they are little cracker sticks with sesame seeds that are perfect for car trips!

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