Germany Trip – The Weekend

This was the last weekend of Bethany’s two-week Easter holiday so we made the most of it tooling around the area. Friday night we went to the Altstadt in Dusseldorf where people go to been seen. We had fun choosing which outdoor seating was the best. Our requirements: it had a heater, was well covered from the rain, and (most importantly) had good food with drink specials. Our selection was a place that served amazing HUGE baked potatoes topped with delicious cheesy goo and chicken. We both got some boat drinks and Zoe got a special milkshake that came looking like a small version of my drink…glow bracelet and everything!


Germans seem to enjoy their outdoor dining and don’t mind taking their children along for a drink and some snacks. It was fun to kick back, have a drink, and have Zoe along. Another couple at the bar kept giving her their glow-bracelets, too, so when we were riding the train back home it must’ve looked like we were partying hard with my kiddo.


Saturday we had no plans, so when the sun peaked out of the clouds with hopped a fast train to Koln where the rain started up again. Oh well, we mosied about and saw the big famous cathedral. After ducking into a KFC to get dry and secretly eat our ‘outside food’ we walked down to the docks and took a wonderful trip up and down and back up the Rhine. Zoe enjoyed it, and we all got a nice beverage. In the evening Stefan had a party at his new dorm that was fun and well-attended. Bethany, Zoe, and I showed up early and then left around 8:30 after the second round of Jager. Zoe already has her first college party under her belt!


Sunday was much milder with a casual train ride to the town of Xanten. Bryan’s friend John from high school (or jr. high) met us enroute. The town is next to an ancient Roman archaeology site that has been partially reenacted. It was a fun lazy day as we walked around the site, got a long lunch, imbibed, and then strolled around the museum. We just missed our train since we couldn’t figure out the tickets fast enough, so we had to wait an hour until the next one; time easily spent at the playground. It was a wonderful day, and it was fun to catch up with John who moved here to work.

Today Bethany went back to work. My friend Tessie, drove up from Spangdhalem to visit for the day, though. I haven’t seen her since our first few monnths in Tucson over two years ago. We both are now moms! Her son Briggs is not much younger than Zoe so they played together, then we drove to the kids farm to hang out and feed the goats. The kids also enjoyed playing in the sand. After she left I braved the local market on my own and successfully bought groceries, bread, and wine. Tomorrow I plan to visit Bethany’s school and then Wednesday I’m renting a Smart Car to drive to Holland and see the tulips!

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