Lee Ha-Yuan Kimchi

Yesterday Bryan took Zoe to the bus for school at 9am since I was already on a bus up to Seoul with Ms. Lee. She invited me to join her for a kimchi-making class. Her blog has made her well-known in Korean food circles, so she gets invited to these things often. Well, the famous Lee Ha-Yeun was teaching the class at her property outside of the city. She is like the Martha Stewart of kimchi here in Korea: books, shows, DVDs, etc all about keeping kimchi traditional. It was super-fun to watch, and then she called me up to the front to help! I got to jullian-slice up a radish and some greens. She was impressed with my abilities. =) I then put on some giant plastic gloves and mixed up the kimchi. It tasted great. I haven’t been too into kimchi since we usually are given store-bought (though Ms. Lee gave us some of her mothers which was good). I like it fresh; which isn’t the Korean way…it’s supposed to be better aged in pots in the ground for about a year. Lee Ha-Yeun’s farm had rows and rows of pots buried in the soil and as we went to see them she took me by the hand so I’d be sure to get a good look. Afterward the whole group was treated to a very nice lunch outside and the Hauzen company showed off their latest kimchi-refrigerator. There was a camera crew doing interview, so of course they wanted to see what the American thought. I believe that stuff will show up on this site, but I’m not sure where…. www.cafe.naver.com/hauzenassak. Here is Lee Ha-Yeuns site: http://www.bongkimchi.com/

some pics on Miss lee’s blog http://blog.naver.com/topms93/10046581648

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Bryan picked up Zoe at school and then ran back to work to finish some things, so I got home to an empty house in the evening.

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