Substitute Teacher Day

Zoe school was closed today, which was unfortunate as I was called last week to sub.  Luckily they let me know on Wednesday so I was able to arrange for Zoe to be at the CDC in the morning (they didn’t have a full day drop in spot open), then Bryan took her to lunch and dropped her with Miss Lee.  I subbed for a History teacher at the High School and got to show a video for one class, but handed out tests for the others.  It made me really want to be back teaching in my own classroom.  Especially if I could get a high school gig; the students were so much more responsible than my 8th graders in Oklahoma.  Anyway, Mr. Hamilton has the last period as a planning hour, so I was able to leave early and get the Zuzz.  It’s beautiful out so we took a slow walk home.

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