I got alot of errands run today and things prepared for our trip to China. It’s coming quick! I can’t believe we leave on Friday. wow. Zoe went to school for a few hours this morning. After school I promised we’d go to the pool, but it doesn’t open until 2 so we came home to take a nap. Well, she refused to nap. Instead we finished planting all my seedlings. Half are doing great in little modified hydroponics 2lt. bottles and the other half I planted traditionally in dirt inside some nice styrofoam containers dug out of the trash heap beside the house. Zoe was enjoying all the dirt and water, when she suddenly appeared with a grill brush scraper and promptly dropped it on her foot. I had no idea that this sharp object was hanging from the grill, and now it had gashed open the nail area of her big toe. We came inside and I soaked her foot in water and Witch Hazel to leach out any yucky. I could tell it hurt alot. She didn’t want me to bandaid it, but when I promised it would feel better she allowed be too. The whole ordeal was sad, so we sat for some snuggle time and she fell asleep. Now, it’s dinnertime and she’s just awoken. I guess we’ll go to the pool tomorrow…it’s Childrens Day afterall!

update: we ended up going to the pool for a half our on our way to Build Your own Pizza night at the Oclub. She remembered!

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