Children’s Day

Today is Childrens Day in Korea. It’s an official holiday for spending time with your kids! How wonderful. Zoe’s friend Masyn came over this morning to play for a bit while her mom and I chatted. Then, after an early nap Zoe and I went out to celebrate the day and spend time together. She wanted ‘iceceem’, so we wandered up to the main shopping area and got some. She wanted the ‘playgrr’ so we checked out a new playground that was a lot of fun. She wanted to mess with her ‘pants’ so we watered her pot of marigolds and sunflowers, which are sprouting. It was such a gorgeous day to spend outside, and lots of people were out and about enjoying it with us. We even got really messy out on the balcony and cleaned the grill so we could have our first grill out of the summer!

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