Last Day of Korean School

Zoe was not happy to get on the bus this morning, so hairy doggy went with her. I sewed a new back carrier while she was out for our trip to China. She was happy when I went to pick her up and was in no rush to leave, stopping to point to the fish, showing me all the other kids’ shoes, saying bye bye to her bus, and waving to the teacher who had poked her head out the window to tell Zoe something quite humorous in Korean. This evening we watch the sun go down from our balcony while pointing out all the stray kitties and doggies (7 cats, 5 dogs). A little bus went by and she got all excited saying,”Zoe bus” but didn’t seem bummed when I reminded her today was her last time on the bus and at school. She just said, “yes”. I had told her that already this morning before she left.

updated pictures in April & May and Germany folders!


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