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China Trip – Off We Go!

Well, I’m sitting at the free internet lounge at Incheon airport. After riding the bus up from Songtan (and taking a nap in the wonderful chairs, no sarcasm) we checked our bags and headed toward the Star Garden. We left Songtan with ample time to get here and hang out for a few hours before the flight. Plus, we really were excited to just be ON OUR WAY. The star garden is a hanging garden with a cool view of the incoming planes that proved entertaining to Zoe. Going through security and customs was uneventful. Now we are playing at a second kid’s playground; Zoe loves bouncing on the trampoline with Bryan. Our flight to Guilin boards in 40 minutes! We then have a car from our hotel picking us up and taking us the hour down the road to Yangshuo. It will be too dark for the scenery, but should make for an amazing view when we wake up tomorrow.

update: I was offered a foot massage in Incheon airport while blogging. The KBS TV station was doing a show about the airport and needed someone (a white someone I’m sure) to interview about how awesome an airport it is…which it is. We truly go early for flights because of the gardens, playgrounds, food, and (now) massages. It was great. Our flight left on time; there was a spare seat between us so Zoe spent the flight standing and coloring in her new book with her new crayons she got for Childrens Day at school. They rushed us to the front of the line at immigration with the other baby-carrying folk, we picked up our bags which seemed to be sprayed with something (?antibacterial?), and quickly hopped through customs. No big deal. Our driver lady was waiting with my name on a sign. One issue came up that the bank was closed so we couldn’t exchange our cash. I just withdrew enough from the atm to pay for our cab ride to Yangshuo wich took about an hour. We could barely make out the cliffs on the way here in the full moonlight. After checking in we hit the hay. Our room is great; has a full size bed and a single for Zuzz, a balcony, a bathroom, and a great view of the river. It’s also around the corner from the bustling part of town…so it’s nice and quiet. The Riverview Hotel is great!

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