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Long Week

This week has really dragged by. I’m glad it’s finally Friday. Bryan has worked so and was so busy catching up with work, flying, and preparing junk for his Alaska trip. He didn’t get home before midnight once this week. Though, two days he flew so he got to stay home in the morning for crew rest. That was nice because otherwise we wouldn’t have seen him all week. One night he unexpectantly had to stay at a different base because and airplane needed a bit of fixing. Typical Korea workload…he’s ready to be done here. We’re all antsy to get our next assignment. Soon, I hope. The weather has been wettish, so Zoe and I have been home most days. Yesterday was nice, though, so we walked onto base to the indoor pool, a few playground visits, and checked the mail. The rain has been great for our little potted garden! Zoe’s sunflowers and marigolds are growing amazingly. My veggies are doing alright, too. I need to thin the lettuce before it all kills itself. Zoe has a great time watering; that’s her job. I’ve put holes in the top of an old detergent bottle to use as a watering can.

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