Zoe’s Potty

Well Zoe has mastered going to the potty here at the house. Both yesterday and today she didn’t wear a diaper at all or have an accident. I usually just let her run around nakie-bum, but she also likes her panties. She’s not that great at pulling her panties down, but she is able to give me enough warning to help her. She is quite motivated. In fact, she even wanted out of her bubble bath to pee. She gets a piece of candy each time she has a success and she gets a dot sticker on her chart…after 5 dots she earns a ‘movie’. We get on the netflix and she selects a show. 5 times was a big deal two days ago, but I need to bump it up to 10 now or we’ll have too much screen time going on. I’m fine with one show a day until this is a routine, then we’ll back off again. The next step is to get her to use the potty INSIDE the bathroom. I have slowly migrated it in there, but she grabs it and drags it out to the living room when she has to go. It’s really funny. She loves to watch me dump it in the toilet and flush and say ‘bye bye pee pee’. Hysterical. Tomorrow we are going to brave a day without diaps out of the house! Gasp. We’ll go places where I know toilets (or a discreet patch of grass) is close. I’ll be sure to bring some spare pants.

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