rainy days…

Well, it wasn’t super rainy but just generally moist today. This has been our second no-diap day! Yesterday we walked downtown for a few quick errands and Zoe didn’t have to go. Bryan has been working nights all this week and getting home after dinner. Today he won’t be home til 1AM, so he spent the morning with us and came out to lunch. I invited out Mrs. Lee who was abundantly excited to see Zoe after a month. We went to a local Korean place that turned out to be great and quite cheap. Mrs. Lee always know the best places to eat. Zoe was wierd and shy around her at first, but by the end of lunch was giving her hugs and running around the restaurant like a nut. Thank God Koreans sit on the floor to eat. Zoe did use the potty at the restaurant! Pee. After dropping Bryan at work Zoe and I went to the community center to return a book from their parental-guidance book selection (Toilet Training). We stayed and played drums and guitars in the music room. Zoe loved banging on the drums and cymbals. From there we walked to the library to get some new books for her. This evening we took Bryan some dinner, just leftovers, and ate in the squadron bar. Zoe told me, “poop” so I grabbed her and asked her to hold it and RAN down the hall…it is very far to the toilet. She was able to hold half of it, but finished up on the toilet. I don’t think she likes the big toilets, but did fine. We changed her to a spare set of panties and ran back to the bar. Tonight we’ve just had a nice bubble bath with lavender herbs (thanks aunt beppy) and read a few library books.

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