Camp Humphreys

Yesterday Zoe and I made some great discoveries. We drove down to Camp Humphreys, an army base south of Songtan about 25 minutes. I got a little lost with the directions I printed from a local parent group website….”at the T intersection go straight”! Anyway, between that, following the helicopters, and spotting a guy in uniform buzzing by me on a motorcycle I found it. The BIG discovery was that their Splish & Splash park is awesome!!! It’s the on base outdoor pool, but has a huge splash and play area for kids. It’s only $3 and next time we go we’ll by the 13 visits for $20 pass. Zoe had a blast; there is an entire section where she can run around and do slides on her own. Plus, there are lifeguards out the wazoo. It was about 80 degrees out, but when we got wet and the wind blew it felt chilly. Eventually she was shivering so we finished up. I’m guessing this will be a weekly activity! Camp Humphreys has much nicer kid-oriented services than Osan does. I grabbed their activities magazine and they have so much – library times, kids gym times, classes, etc – for kids under 3. Osan is the most child-unfriendly place we’ve lived. You need to find babysitters for wife club meetings, changes of command, parties, and they don’t even allow you the discretion of bringing your kid to the O’club except on kid night. Ridiculous, and so opposite of D-M…hence we don’t participate much. Sorry, moving on – On the way home we stopped at the new big discount department store right her in Songtan. It’s called HomePlus and is much like Emart or Lotte Mart, but it’s super new and nice. We got Zoe some new jammies and I finally got some new bras – they are impossible to find in my size at the BX (um, small). The store has a great kids play area too, but unlike others it’s in the food court which is cool.

Zoe did good today with her panties on. She told me “pee” at HomePlus and we ran to the toilet where she peed in the potty…luckily Korean stores have nice kid toilets, something American stores could learn from. Later she told me “poo” but had already gone in her panties when we got there. For some reason she can give me a lot more warning for pee than poo – I’ve read the opposite is usually the case. We thought ahead so she was wearning a dress and I carried some spare panties!

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