Happy Birthday Army!

So, this weekend we attempted to camp on the beach of a nearby lake. The American’s call it ten mile lake since it’s on the ten-mile final for the runway; I’m sure the Korean’s call it something else. We arrived around noon excited to spend the day throwing rocks, swimming, wading and catching minnows. Alas, it was stinky and trashy. The whole beachy area was full of beer and soju bottles so we waited to pitch the tent. The water was smelly with no fish to be seen and just full of mud and yuck. So, we thought to walk around the lake a bit but there were no trails or anything nice in the woods. Instead we picniced Korean style. We built a fire, and cooked some premade store-bought bulgogi to eat with lettuce wraps. It was tasty and fun. Then we did marshmallows. Zoe preferred eating just graham crackers and running around poking her stick-of-the-day in the mud. Arlo had a blast swimming in the mud and eventually smelled like poop. After a couple hours we agreed there was not much more to do and no interesting reason to stay the night so we packed up. We then hit up the new HomePlus where Zoe had a blast in the kiddy drop-off playpark. The four of us (Arlo really need it) enjoyed a long shower together in our big shower-bathroom. On Sunday we rolled down to Camp Humphreys where the Splish Splash was free to celebrate the Army’s birthday. yeah. It wasn’t sunny, but warm enough. Zoe braved the kid tube slides on her own and even went on the grownup slide with us since the lifeguard didn’t seem to care. It was great for Zoe to spend a fun day with Daddy! We then caught the free matinee showing of “UP” at the post theater. It was good, funny, and sad. Zoe highly enjoyed the talking dogs and was quite concerned (yelling that she’d fix it) about the bird’s leg. To round out our fun Camp Humphreys day we went to their new, hugemongous, Supergym and messed around on the climbing wall. Zoe like trying to climb too. There are a bunch of huge crash padds to fall onto which she enjoyed immensely. I guess there is a second climbing wall on post at the other gym, too, that is more of the top-roped deal that we’re used too. It was closed. We finished the day with dinner at the base’s Alaska Mining Company restaurant. We have heard ad after ad about this place on AFN radio, so it was nice to finally check it out. It was alright.


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