Goodbye Diaps

Today I was the happy mom who packed up the diapers for good. No more Home Depot diaper bucket, no more washing poop or pee on the extra hot cycle, no more hanging them to dry, no more buying extra hydrogen peroxide and borax. Our BumGenius 2.0s definitely paid for themselves, and then some. Today they are ragged, the elastic is stretched out, and the velcro is barely usable. They made it almost 2 years of straight use by Zoe. We probably only purchased around 15 packs (if that) of disposables over the last 2 years; only when we were travelling. She is now in panties all day and doing well; a few accidents every now and then when she is playing too intensely. Overnight she tends to be dry, but I will still wrap her panties in our Korean diap covers for a bit. So goodbye diapers, hello panties!


  1. It was a long process since we really started her on the potty a year and a half ago. Our biggest success was just letting Zoe be naked all day and making sure she sat on the potty at appropriate times. Roll up the rugs. Eventually it was fun to go on the potty … and she gets a 'candy' each time – those gummie fruit snacks.

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