Driving Around

Zoe and I had the car the last two days; Bryan has needed it most of the last 2 weeks so we’ve been limited to the bike. Yesterday we went to a meeting with the wives of other guys in Bryan’s squadron. Zoe enjoyed playing with the other kids in the rec room during the meeting! After that we drove with Miss Lee and Minji to her older sisters restaurant up north about a half hour. We had a great time visiting and eating great food! Zoe especially loved the Korean cherries and apricots, but uncharacteristically simply nibbled at her rice. It is so nice to have a Korean friend and to spend time with her family.

Today we drove down to Camp Humphreys Splish-Splash again. What a great hot sunny day for it; our outdoor thermometer registered over 100 on our balcony rail when we returned home. I was sure to pack on the sunscreen. Zoe is getting braver with her swimming and jumping off into the pool.

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